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Detecting output from sound card

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I am particularly new to AutoIt and would like to know if it is possible to detect output from my sound card (particularly the 'loudness'), e.g. if the sound reaches a certain level, execute a function.

I have done some pretty extensive searching and was actually able to find a scipt from quite a long time ago (2005):

In short, Sven's script does an excellent job of detecting input from a microphone. I would like to detect sound from my sound card (also, as you might be able to tell, I'm not totally savvy with how the sound card works either. Would it be possible to not even have to use the sound card?).

I have messed around with the script and was able to dig up a library from Microsoft that it takes advantage of:


As I said, I'm really new to AutoIt and I'm not sure what information I can take from the above link. But maybe you can!

Would anyone be willing to take a look a Sven's script to see if it is at all possible to change its functionality? If not, is anyone aware of any other things I might try?

Thanks in advance!  :thumbsup:

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Start with the easy things. Check if you have a Recording Device which allows you to record your output. There are a few common names, Stereo Mix Is one.

In worst case scenario, there are applications that work like virtual sound cards/cables that you can probably use to reroute audio where you want it.

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