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File Automation Program

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I helped write a program for someone a while back, and it doesn't seem to be working now, between all of the revisions we've made.

Basically, when you start the program, you pass an argument (deutschland or polen), which configures the program.

When it starts, it checks an email inbox, and is supposed to the decrypt the pdf file (if Encryption is set to true), and print it out.

After that's done, it will go to another folder, encrypt the pdf file (if Encryption is set to true), and then use CDO.Message and send the file as an attachment.

I've been working with this so long, I can't see where anything might be wrong... :whistle:

Required Files (.zip)

The two exe's are the printing programs required by GetMail...shouldn't be necessary for testing


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None of the PDF files are being sent/recieved.  The script how it is should work correctly (afaik, sn/pw are correct)


Hm.. can't see anything wrong. As I cannot test the script, I would recommend to run getmail in a DOS box and see what happens. If you did not change the script, it's likely that something else is the cause of the problem (POP3 Server, network connection, DNS, etc.)



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