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Hey Folks!

I want to write a Bot to create Accounts on a Site, which is by the way totally allowed, i just want to speed it up, but i dont get a conclusion. My Idea is simple, i want to Redirect to the site, (twitch.tv/signup), and want to fill the fields given. I want it to be the same everytime except the first Entry, which should always be a Name + a number which increases by 1 everytime you start the Creator. I've been sitting on this Problem for hours now, i tried sending input to the Process using ControlSend which didnt work for some reason, it started messing up the entry fields with random stuff, i've tried sending the input via "Send" commands but nothing worked. Do you have any Ideas how that could work?

In addition i created a GUI with 4 Inputs: 1. Accountname, 2. Password, 3. E-Mail, 4. Amount.

Basically i got all the informations i need to fill in but i cant get it to work...


Sorry again for my bad english, but i hope you can help me anyways.

Sincerely yours was2

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