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Guest aerosmith_freak_03

I have pretty much next to no clue how to do this but I would like to learn. It's been about three years since my VB programming class and I can't remember the exact syntax for n e thing. What I want to do is enter a cheat while playing the 'Sims.' To enter a cheat you have to press 'ctrl' + 'shift' + 'c', from there 'rosebud' is the cheat for 1000 dollars, you can repeat the previous cheat once by entering '!' and many times by entering '!;!;!;!'...etc,etc. I want to create a script to automatically put in the '!;!;!;' part of the cheat, it gives 255 char. to work with so I want to enter the max amount. All I need it to do is essentially paste the char. there for me, I think I can handle the almighty task of hitting enter. I want to set this up so I use a hotkey to enter it. Can n e one tell me what to do or kinda walk me through this?

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AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 20);
$blah = 0;
Global $open = 0;
Global $rosebud = 0;
Global $key = "^1"; Hotkey is Ctrl 1
Global $done = 0;
Global $limit = 1;
HotKeySet ( $key , "moolaa" )
Until $blah = 1;

Func moolaa()


If $open = 0 Then
    If $rosebud = 0 Then
  $rosebud = 0;
  $rosebud = 2;

If $rosebud = 0 Then
    Send ("{Enter}");
    $rosebud = 1;

If $rosebud = 2 Then
    Send("!;", 1 );
    $limit = $limit + 1;
    $open = 1;

If $limit = 127 Then
    Send("!", 1 );
    Send ("{Enter}");
    $done = 1;
    $open = 0;

Until $done = 1;

$done = 0;
$limit = 1;


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