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Question Tutorial: Press Key when pixel changes color.

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New here, looking for experienced ppl or person to type or send me a link to an example of this automation.

; *Observe Pixels  90, 810

  *Press (Key 1) if pixel 90, 810 changes color from          example   Red 93 Green 14 Blue 21  Hue 236 saturation 177  Lum 50   to BLACK  red 0 green 0 blue 0 hue 160 saturation 0 lum 0

  *sleep for 3seconds

  * while sleeping repeat automation with press (Key 2)

  *sleep (Key 2) during Key 1 not sleep


Simplify and add lots of comments in explaination would be awesome guys. I look forward to seeing replies.

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Looking is good and Forward is often the right direction.

That said, you need to provide us with some code you've made an attempt on yourself.

We (meaning most of us) help those who help themselves, and we are only volunteers so we aren't paid to go on extensive searches for you.

It also helps if you explain what program you are gonna be using this for, and in every regard the Help file is a wonderful resource and should always be your first port of call, then the Forum search, followed by asking us in the Help sections when you run into coding difficulties.

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