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Space Invaders Game with AutoIt


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Hello everyone,

Just a little recreation of the Space Invaders game. I'm sure it's been done before (?) but it's good practice to do it myself!

There's no sound because I wanted to try to keep it to a single .au3 file and I'm pretty sure you can't generate your own sounds.

The controls are:

ENTER - play game

LEFT/RIGHT - move left or right


Any ideas on how to optimise it would be great, I wanted to add the barriers that you usually get to hide behind but it was becoming too slow. And of course, if I've got any rules wrong then feel free to correct it...

space invaders v2.au3

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Well done Eigensheep!  :thumbsup:

Add sound to get more atmosphere (possible with a single au3 file) and a small explosion animation when ship was hit.



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