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AutoIt - DllOpen() not opening a present .dll file i.e. it is returning -1

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I'm attempting to open a .dll file which is present in my filepath through an AutoIt program I have converted to an exe using Aut2Exe.

When I convert the program to a .exe file, I'm unable to open file as DllOpen() returns a -1 but when I run it SciTE Script Editor it works fine i.e. it is is able to open the .dll file.

The manner in which I've used the DllOpen can be found on this link i.e. GistHub specifically in function _CommSetPort.

Any ideas as to why the function DllOpen when the program is a .exe file would be returning -1 as its return value when clearly the .dll fine it is asked to open is available.

Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.

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Do you want to have the dialog here or at StackOverflow?

If you want it here then please post all the relevant info here and we don't have to swap between many different websites.

Items to check:

FileInstall works differently when run via Autoit3.exe or compiled. When run with autoit3 it will perform a filecopy.

Are you compiling with the same version as running, also x86 or x64?

How to you shell the compiled version? When shelling in SciTE, the Workdir will be the scriptdir, so what is it when you shell the compiled version?


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