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IE3.au3 drop down menus

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I'm trying to select an item on the drop down menu I'm assuming its the third form (don't know how to check because all the forms are name "0" and on the previous page when it was just 2 forms I knew which one was which).  
The issue for me was I tried using  _IEFormElementGetObjByName, but I could not understand $s_name( Specifies the name of the Form Element you wish to match) meant.  is it the name of the variable of the element? (If so I have no idea how to get that).  So I tried using indexing to select the term.  If I am successful in choosing the option does it show that I did?  Also theres another drop down menu in this form, not sure if that matters, but I need to manipulate that one to.  Basically I have many questions and I need some facts to debug this.


 $oForm3 = _IEFormGetCollection($oIE, 2) ; get 3rd form
$oSelect_Server = _IEFormElementGetCollection ($oForm3, 0); Assuming its the first item, honestly
                                                                                           ;not sure how to tell
_IEFormElementOptionSelect($oSelect_Server, "Dream",1, "byText") ; the first part of the string is  
                                                                                                ; Dream, do I need the whole name?                                                                                 
Ps.  On a side note when ever It does finish loading and I select all images that are links on the webpage disappear, rhyme or reason?
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