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Help with IDL

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I'm trying to figure out if there's any why to run the bellow.

this is part of the IDL documentation.

HRESULT IAJACaptureFilter::GetFourCC ( [out] DWORD *  value  )   

Get fourcc

Parameters: [out] pFourCC



Thanks in advance

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Hi, devilyn. Can you please offer more information on what you're trying to accomplish, and with what application? Please do not assume that, because you know a specific application suite by its acronym that everyone else is familiar with it. For example, IDL could be:

  • IDL Software from Exelis VLS
  • Interactive Data Language
  • Interface Description Language
  • Custom Web Dev Suite from IDL Solutions, Inc.
  • OMG IDL from the Object Management Group

How about a clear, concise explanation of what you're trying to accomplish, with what application, and an example of the code you've already tried, even if it is not working? Help us help you ;)

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Sorry for the lack of details.

the IDL is a "Interface Description Language" file that i got with my "AJA Kona LHE" card (http://www.aja.com/en/support/legacy/kona-lhe/)

it also came withe a directshow filter (http://db.tt/q4ynMXmy) that I'm trying to control using Autoit.

This is from the documentation i attached (it supposed to return the current FourCC value.:

HRESULT IAJACaptureFilter::GetFourCC ( [out] DWORD *  value  )   

Get fourcc

Parameters: [out] pFourCC



Thanks in advance for helping!

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