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Getting text from a ToolStripStatusLabel control

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I'm new to AutoIt and I'm stuck already.

I'm trying to automate an application that uses a ToolStripStatusLabel within a StatusStrip. Using both the AutoIt Window info tool and the Control Viewer utility I can only get the details of the StatusStrip Control.

The app that I'm trying to automate is not mine but I have access to the source. 

I've searched the forum and wider on google but haven't found any answers despite finding a few people who seem to be trying to do the same thing.

Since I have access to the source I've found the control name for the Status label and I've tried to use that as the Control name but that doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone successfully managed to get at the text from inside a ToolStripStatusLabel?



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Welcome to autoit paste here your autoit code from this is very easy to understand what are you trying? and how we can help you...

Life is like a coin. You can spend it Anyway as you wish and for your kind information. "you can spend it only once."

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