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WinSetTitle failing under Win7 64

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I'm running the following uncompiled code under Win7 64:

msgbox(0, "WinExists", WinExists("ABC")) ;Returns 1 
msgbox(0, "WinGetState", WinGetState("ABC")) ;Returns 15
$EC = WinSetTitle("ABC", "", "XYZ")
msgbox(0, "WinSetTitle", $EC) ;Returns 0

The WinSetTitle function fails to change the title and returns 0 under Win7. However, the code works correctly under XP. What am I missing?

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I tested with the following code on both Win7 x32 and Win7 x64 (I don't have a WinXP copy to test with):

$OldTitle = "AutoIt Help"
$NewTitle = "This is a test."

msgbox(0, "WinExists", WinExists($OldTitle))            ; Returns 1
msgbox(0, "WinGetState", WinGetState($OldTitle))        ; Returns 39    (32 + 4 + 2 + 1)
msgbox(0, "WinSetTitle", WinSetTitle($OldTitle, "", $NewTitle)) ; Returns 1

WinSetTitle($NewTitle, "", $OldTitle)

It worked as expected on both systems.  I looked at the helpfile while the 3rd message box was up, and the title did indeed change.  If it's not working for you still, check what you're using for "ABC" and "XYZ".  I can't say more without knowing your existing window titles and what your actual strings.

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