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need one for FtpFindFirstFile.

but if i call it, the entire structure is filled with 0's

Local $v_FT1 = DllStructCreate('dword;dword')
    Local $v_FT2 = DllStructCreate('dword;dword')
    Local $v_FT3 = DllStructCreate('dword;dword')
    Local $v_Struct = DllStructCreate('dword;ptr;ptr;ptr;dword;dword;dword;dword;chr[260];chr[14]')
    DllStructSetData($v_Struct, 2, DllStructGetPtr($v_FT1))
    DllStructSetData($v_Struct, 3, DllStructGetPtr($v_FT2))
    DllStructSetData($v_Struct, 4, DllStructGetPtr($v_FT3))

calling it like evrything else

DllCall('wininet.dll', 'int', 'FtpFindFirstFile', 'long', $l_FtpSession, 'str', $s_RemoteFile,
 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($v_Struct), 'long', $l_Flags, 'long', $l_Context)

the call itself does return an indentifier.

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My UDF's:;mem stuff_Mem;ftp stuff_FTP ( OLD );inet stuff_INetGetSource ( OLD )_INetGetImage _INetBrowse ( Collection )_EncodeUrl_NetStat_Google;random stuff_iPixelSearch_DiceRoll

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You dont show us where you use the $v_FTx structures.... You tell it to get the pointer of this structures but i dont see them called by any dll or how you fill them...I believe they are the FILETIME structures huh? Have you tried to use DllStructGetData instead of DllStructGetPtr? Or try to use in your $v_Struct "long_ptr" or "int_ptr" instead of simple "ptr"...

Play with these and tell me....


C ya

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thank you Dickb.

i didnt reallise i could use [2] to create a sub struct.

i will check it out.


Took me some time to find it out. I hope you can finish this. I am lacking the time for it.

If you can use it then my time is well spend.

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