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_InetSMTPMail/COM Firewall Issue

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Hi guys,

I need to develop a script which sends mail automatically.

Tried to use the _InetSMTPMail and the _InetSMTPMailCom UDF at this point.

Unfortunately without success. The functions both crash with Error 4: Unable to create socket.

Well, I've tried some things and found out it is our company's firewall which prevents me from accessing the SMTP on port 25.

I obviously blocks the whole port. On a PC without that firewall it is working fine.

This community talked a lot about this topic but less got resolved. I've read them all and tried other functions provided.

Same issue here.

So, does anyone of you have an idea how I could avoid the firewall ?? (frankly I cannot deactivate it since it will be enabled by the next policy push)

Or any other plans how I could make this script do what it's supposed to?

Would be great I you had an answer for this difficult problem.

Best reagrds



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