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Help a noob please :)

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Hi, I'm new to AutoIt. Trying to learn how to make it work but to be honest it's giving me a headache. :(

I was wondering if somebody could make a script for me. I don't mean to be lazy, but I thought might as well have an expert do it quickly. :D


Here's what I'm looking for:


- "1" on the keyboard being pressed every 4 seconds (the #1 in the top row, not in the numpad)

- "2" on the keyboard being pressed every second (the #2 in the top row, not in the numpad)

- Use * on the numpad as the hotkey to turn the script on and off

- Endless loop once turned on unless turned off manually using the hotkey


Thanks to anyone who can help :)

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What's this for?

And by the way, this is a Forum to encourage and help budding programmers, not give them programs.

For the greater majority of us here, our motto is - We help those who help themselves!

This means, show us the code you've written so far, and we'll help you from there.

If you haven't got to that stage and need help starting, then the multitude of Examples in the Help file are great, as is the Tutorials available here and elsewhere.

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