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Clicking on links with random ID

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Firstly I would like to say hello to everyone :)

Secondly I have problem, I want to write script that will click on every link on site from table that has random ID, I debug it with DebugBar and I've got something like that 

<A class=js-click href="/incentives/click_adspot?cId=MjU0OXwxMzc0OTE2MTMx" target=_blank jQuery1830970162752108045="247">http://delboy79.LifeStartsAt21.com/lcp6</A>
<A class=js-click href="/incentives/click_adspot?cId=MjYyOXwxMzc0OTE2MTMx" target=_blank jQuery1830970162752108045="249">http://bit.ly/jpmarques</A>
<A class=js-click href="/incentives/click_adspot?cId=MjYxNXwxMzc0OTE2MTMx" target=_blank jQuery1830970162752108045="250">http://jonnyyh.LifeStartsAt21.com</A>

and so on, on site there is always 10 links in this table, and what I see their numbers are always 247, 249,250... to 257

When you click on link he is disappearing, and what I want is clicking on every link, then focus on every tab wait some time, close every tab and refresh 1st page with these links, and reapet x times.

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Firstly I would like to say hello to everyone :)


Hi Helsing,

Maybe you want to start with reading our forum rules to ensure that things asked here are within our set of rules.

This to me doesn't look like something we want to support here.


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Live for the present,
Dream of the future,
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