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Cannot use _FFWindowSelect with different Firefox profiles

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Hi, I have a problem with working with different Firefox profiles. I  try to open a few firefox windows and try to manage them separately with autoit. I run 4 programs, each program open a different FF window (with Run command) but every other _FF operations are working on FIRST OPENED FF window. I wrote one program (file included) where I try 4 times to open one window, using the profile no $i, use _FFWIndowSelect() to work on this instance, try to open any webpage, open the next open (success) and to do something in this window, but it does everything on FIRST window. I tried to replace Run() command with _FFStart(url,no of profile,9) where 9 is 1 (new window)+8 (-no-remote - neccessary with different profiles) but I got a message('Firefox is already running but do not answer. To open a new window you have to close existing firefox process or restart system')

How to open FF window with desired profile and work on it?

I tried to include _FFWindowSelect before _FFConnect() command but it does the same result.


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This may help:

; #FUNCTION# ===================================================================
; Name ..........: _FFTabAdd
; Description ...: Opens a new tab.
; Beschreibung ..: Öffnet einen neuen Tab
; AutoIt Version : V3.3.0.0
; Syntax ........: _FFTabAdd([$sURL = "about:blank"[, $bSelect = True[, $bLoadWait = True]]])
; Parameter(s): .: $sURL        - Optional: (Default = "about:blank") :
;                  $bSelect     - Optional: (Default = true) : Select new tab
;                  $bLoadWait   - Optional: (Default = true) : Wait while the page is loading
; Return Value ..: Success      - 1
;                  Failure      - 0
;                  @ERROR       -
; Author(s) .....: Thorsten Willert
; Date ..........: Mon Mar 23 22:44:43 CET 2009 @947 /Internet Time/
; Link ..........: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/XUL/tabs
; Related .......: _FFTabDuplicate, _FFTabClose, _FFTabCloseAll, _FFTabExists, _FFTabSetSelected, _FFTabGetSelected
; Example .......: Yes
; ==============================================================================


This can be found in the FF.au3

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Unfortunately I have a webpage, where I must use different FF windows (not tabs) and what's more with different profiles. Only then this page treat each Fifrefox window as a separate process from different user and I can control each window separately  in the same time. Tabs do not help me.

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      Hi, I wrote a very simple programm, which should open any website in newly created window. First  open any FF window manually and then run a script. All it can do is opening this website in manually opened FF window:
      #include "FF.au3"
      _FFstart('www.aegon.com', 2, 9)
      if _FFIsConnected() then
      Only condition is, that this second window should use a FF profile - "2" in this example. 9 is "new window" and "-no-remote" option, but I also tried to replace this "9" with "1". Does the same.
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