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How can we differentiate two windows

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Hi AutoIT Team,

Can anybody suggest which functions i can use to differentiate between two windows which have the same name, same title and both are opened.

 Actually i was trying to make a script for on MS Outlook , In which

1. I have opened a compose mail and attach a file(say: Q) using attach file button.

2. I again compose a mail and attach another file(SAY:R) using attach outlook item.

So now i have two opened compose mail window with same title, same text but with different attachments.

now 1st i want to send the mail which has the attachment "Q". and then send the mail having attachment "R".

is there any way that i can take the control to window on the basis of the name of the attachment or some other thing you can kindly suggests please..............

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Have you taken a look at the OutlookEX UDF by Water? It may make things easier on you, as can use the unique Entry ID of the message. You can find the thread in the Example Scripts forum.


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hi vis,

if you open programmatically the two windows, then

a "brutal" workaround could be to change the wintitle of the windows (with WinSetTitle()) as soon as you open it, so to distinguish each other later (I have seen that doing so, the "visible title of the new mail window do not change, while 'Autoit Window Info' sees the new title.

Also, if you write in the "Subject" field of the new mail, also the title of the window change accordingly.


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