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Seeking advice on file "crawler"

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Hey guys,

here is a little background on what I'm trying to do.  I'm working on converting a windows database automation system to a unix one.  The windows system consists of 3-4 file types like .bat and other database command files...  there are hundreds of them. As a programmer I'm always looking for ways to script my job  :shifty:   I mostly write shell code but autoit is now my favorite for windows programming.  So what I'm looking for is some advice on the best way to make connections between the files. 

An example would be something like : script1.bat calls script2.bat which then calls load_db.db. inside load_db.db there are database commands I would capture.

in shell I would probably do the following steps assuming .bat is the starting point for all scripts. 

search for .bats and make a list

for each .bat

       look for other files (txt, csv, bat, db...)

       create list of those in order (with whatever command they were using with that file)

               for each sub file

                        if its a bat do another search

                        if its a db look for commands.


Any advice on commands or order of operations or examples would be nice.



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you could start with:



(click on the function for help)


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