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various little UDFs...

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I have been working on making some simple UDFs just to make programming in autoit more simple. One of them was the sql.au3 but thats already posted in its own topic, so no point in posting it here. I don't have very many yet, but im trying to make more.

addslashes( string ) Creates a function exactly like php's addslashes function.

Func addslashes($string)
    Local $output = StringReplace ( $string, '\', '\\' )
    $output = StringReplace ( $output, "'", "\'" )
    $output = StringReplace ( $output, '"', '\"' )
    $output = StringReplace ( $output, 'NUL', '\NUL' )
    Return $output

more to come!

edit: oops. addslashes will exit ' and " twice, hence exiting the exit :whistle: i will fix that...

edit: fixed

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