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RunAsWait - Applying an MSP to office installer not working.

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Im stumped on this one. Bellow is the code I'm using. I'm trying to RunAs a temp admin account the setup for office and apply the MSP. 

When I run this is spits out:




; create local folder
DirCreate ("c:softwareOffice2010proplus")
; Copy needed files from DFS
DirCopy ("somepath","C:SoftwareOffice2010proplus",1)
; Fill in the username and password appropriate for your system.(na.ipsos computers)
Local $sUserName = "SomeUserAccount"
Local $sPassword = "SomePassword"
; Run a command prompt as the other user.
Local $pid = RunAsWait($sUserName, @ComputerName, $sPassword, 1, "c:softwareOffice2010ProPlussetup.exe /adminfile c:softwareOffice2010ProPlusOffice2010ProPlus.msp", @SystemDir)
; Wait for the process to close.

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And you have confirmed that the account you're using for the RunAs has access to that location? Also, you've confirmed the location has the .msp? The error you're getting is from the setup application, so it doesn't look necessarily like the script is wrong - looks like either a wrong path or one the account has no access to.

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