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Reusing the program

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Hi, I just learned about Autoit two days ago and made a script myself yesterday because I was getting tired of pressing buttons on a game (script's a bot). I'm fairly new to this type of programming so my coding etiquette is very off and my use of loops maybe inefficient, but try to bare with me. The gist of the program is that it makes you pick a direction then press the OK button after that a window pops up that tells you to input the time you want in milliseconds. After that the only way to close the script is to use the terminate button I set up, but when you go back to the initial window that comes up none of the buttons work. I'm not sure what is wrong or what else I have to do any help would be appreciated. 


Side question: I was wondering if it is possible to make it so that the script runs on a specific window and if I were to switch to another window, say my internet browser, then the script would still be working on the specific window.

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