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UpdateEngine UDF


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I put together this UDF that allows for easy updates from a remote server or share. It reads a simple INI file from the remote directory to determine if an update is required or not.
The example in the archive is for a share. I can't really build a working example of an update from a server, but I know it works because I've tried it many times. Just ask questions if you get stuck.
Pretty much everything you need is in the archive:
To get the sources, run "example.exe." This will also demonstrate the example update process, copy, and restart the program from the UpdateEngine folder on your Desktop. Or, if you don't trust me, extract them yourself from the update.exe self-extracting archive made with 7-zip. Or, if you don't trust that, forget the whole thing and bother some other thread.  :bye:
The rest is pretty self explanatory. There's a trick I used in the START command to prevent the script from waiting until the program terminates to continue, but this article explains it better than I can:

START "" program.exe

Always include a TITLE this can be a simple string like "My Script" or just a pair of empty quotes ""
According to the Microsoft documentation, the title is optional, but you may will have problems if it is omitted.

Never knew this, thought I'd share it.
As always, comments and complaints are appreciated! (So are compliments, but don't feel beholden.  :D)

Previous versions:

Edited by cyberbit

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50% of the time, it works all the time. -PezoFaSho

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Nice work, may come in handy :thumbsup:

Just look at us.
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