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Dual Monitors - Preset Mouse Coordinates

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I have written some rather extensive programs that complete a large amount of work for me at my job. Now, because I have to often tweak them to work on other peoples computers (control clicks are not an option), I often have to change around the coordinates (I have them set in a ini file, and a "setup" function designed to catch the new coordinates with minimal effort).

However... I'm curious about two things.

The various aspect ratios for monitors is relatively static. There are only so many different combinations (at least in a work environment such as mine where nobody has 30+" monitors...)... though we do have dual screens (will get to that in a moment).

So, to my point(s)... I'm curious, and have been pondering the idea of being able to have the script decide the appropriate coordinates depending on the end user's aspect ratio. (Don't worry about any other variables in this problem... Assume all things are positioned exactly the same relative to the aspect ratio.)

This is my understanding

Low Aspect Ratio: Me clicking at 2, 2        - and here at 3, 3 on a higher ratio.

.   .   .   .   .                                                .    .   .   .   .

.                                                                .            

.      x                                                         .

.                                                                .            x

Shouldn't there be a mathematical algorithm to figure out the appropriate coords (whether it be 2, 2 or 3, 3) based on the ratio?


Second Question:

Is there a fast method of instantly changing coords to work appropriately whether its on the 1st monitor, or 2nd? (I'm assuming you can simply preset the default coords assuming the 2nd monitor, and just subtract the X, Y aspect ratios from those coords... for it to perfectly match over on the 1st monitor: Is that line of thinking accurate?

Sorry this post is both long, and rather vague. I know what I'm thinking in my head, but this word vomit does it no justice.

Thank you :)

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