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Keeping window above all other windows


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Anyone know how to keep a certain window always on top, if they minimize it it automatically comes back up where it was.

Basically i'm trying to make a bot for Diablo II, and if you use Window mode on it.

I need to know this because many errors could occur if:

1.Someone forgets to put a away msg up and they get IMed.

2.Some how the window isn't in the right spot.

3.Some other kind of pop up or error.

Please help me i'm still very new to Autoit, I would love to learn as much as I can.

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I believe he wanted the window to always be set on top as well.

While 1

    $win = WinGetState ("")

    If @error Then

        MsgBox (0,"","window is not found"

    ElseIf $win <> 32 Then

        WinSetState ("","",@SW_MAXIMIZE)

        WinSetOnTop ("", "")


    Sleep(500);add delay to save on cpu


Fill in the blanks, the"".


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