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Taking array and pasting into a textarea on a webpage

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Hey All!

I want to be able to set an array of tracking numbers into a formobject on a webpage but having some difficulty.  If I were to just paste the numbers from my clipboard they all line up like so...






Is there a way to take the array which is only 1 column and format it to a variable that I can _IEformelementsetvalue where they all line up in a column?

Maybe clipboard functions are the way to go but wasn't sure.

Wondering if anyone ever had to do this?

Thank you very much!

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May not be the most efficient but seemed to do the trick.

If someone else needs. $inputs is my array and it's one column.

Thanks for the help Dan!

 $track = $inputs[$inputrow][1]
 $inputrow = $inputrow + 1
 $finaltrack = $finaltrack & @LF & $track
 Until $inputrow = $counter + 1

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