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how to get connection with Win Mobile visible

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Is it possible to make up a solution to get Win. Mobile device available as regular USB disk connected.

My problem: Nothing is shown as Device/Disc connected to local computer when user calls File>Open function


This is our device: Motorola MC3100 ( https://support.symbol.com/support/browse.do?WidgetName=BROWSE_PRODUCT&TaxoName=SG_SupportGoals&BROWSE_PRODUCT.isProductTaxonomy=true&BROWSE_PRODUCT.NodeId=SG_MC3100_1_2&BROWSE_PRODUCT.thisPageUrl=%2Fproduct%2Fproducts.do&id=m4&BROWSE_PRODUCT.TaxoName=SG_SupportGoals&NodeType=leaf&NodeName=MC3100&document=DT_SOFTWARE_1_1&BROWSE_PRODUCT.NodeType=leaf&NodeId=SG_MC3100_1_2&AppContext=AC_ProductPage&param_document=sp )

This is bar codes scanner with Windows Mobile 6.1 on board.

This device is shown as "SUNRISE Handheld" when it got connected via USB and user opens up Windows Explorer. Connection is set up by Windows ActiveSync.

Our users need synching files from this device to local computer.

Now.. when user goes to "File > Open" inside our application - "SUNRISE Handheld" is not available. Actually nothing is shown indicating that device. So there is no way for users to browse that device. It is due to the fact that Mobile Devices with Windows Mobile OS are not connected as regular USB devices  (as I got it from surfing the Internet).

There is a setting inside that Device that helps you to control USB connection. You can switch from RNDIS to ActiveSync serial or MassStorage.

But again it is not helpful:

1) we do not want to use ActiveSync as our syncing vehicle

2) MassStotage does the job well enough.. but...there are 4 partitions on that device( by default). And MassStorage helps to mount three of the partitions except the / (root). But we need specifically root to be mounted :)


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