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Question/Help - ImageSearchArea

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ImageSearchArea('Check.png', 1, $Top, $Left, $Bottom, $Right, $x, $y, 0)

1920x1080 resolution

$Top = 20
$Left = 960
$Bottom = 600
$Right = 980


The Top, Left, Bottom, Right is Desktop location Is it possible to make it load / scan within a specific window instead of locked to Desktop location? Because currently if i move the window its scanning in the scan locations stay on desktop location not within specific window.

Func checkForImage()
local $search = _ImageSearchArea('Check.png', 1, $Top, $Left, $Bottom, $Right, $x, $y, 0)
If $search = 1 Then
MouseMove($x, $y, 2)

Sorry kinda new to the ImageSearchArea functionality.

Edited by Kore

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I found another way, using size detection etc from Size array from WinPos.

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