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Unfocus a window


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sorry dint catch what you are trying to ask.


Oh, one more question, cos i cant set {LCTRL} as a hotkey.

so is there any other way to do that?

pressing ctrl while doing work is sort of hampering my game play in the background.

so i'll like it to be doing other thing while i press ctrl. usually just left ctrl.


i've seen some codes like

Send ("!{DOWN}")

what does the exclamation(!) mark do?

still learning more codes.

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oh, ok. thanks.

opt1: what are the possible ways for getting ctrl or lctrl to be set as hotkeys.

opt2: detecting ctrl or lctrl is being pressed, then do a command.

for my previous "edit1", lets say i want to use "If" command and wait for the ctrl button to be pressed, what can i do so 'capture' that keystroke?


If 'ctrl is pressed', send (" ", 1)

something like that..... how to i change 'ctrl is pressed' to autoit commands...

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