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Write script function over multple script lines


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Hi Guys,

To wirte a script line for, let say, the msgbox I can do:

MsgBox(0, "Title", "Line one" & @CRLF & "Line two" & @CRLF & "Line three" & @CRLF & "Line four" & @CRLF & "Line five" & @CRLF & "Line six)

If this line is quite long, the readability of the function could be bad.

In some example script on this forum, I have seen a better way to write this by cutting off the line and use multiple script lines. Something like this:

MsgBox(0, "Title", "Line one" & @CRLF & "Line two" ****

@CRLF & "Line three" & @CRLF & "Line four" ****

@CRLF & "Line Five" & @CRLF & "Line six")

How can I cutoff these lines? The asteriks in the lines above are the missing parts for me.

Thanks in advance,


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Thought that was pretty well defined in our helpfile on how to do that. :)

Search hint: continuation


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