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Need help with batch files and commands in autoit

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I have a .bat file that eXecutes the following:

E:tempInstaller6.50.exe /s /extract-only

REM IxOS6.50EB.exe /s /extract-only


cd Program Files (x86)InstallerCacheInstallerPro%1

cmd /c setup.exe -s CannedConfig=Client AUTOREBOOT=No

goto exit


1) How do I convert these to Autoit commands ?

2) Is there any way in Autoit generate a .bat file on the fly -> run it & do the task -> delete .bat file after task is over  ?

Thanks in Adv.


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1) conversion bat -> au3: usually you do not convert, you rewrite. in your example:

RunWait('E:\temp\Installer6.50.exe /s /extract-only')
RunWait('setup.exe -s CannedConfig=Client AUTOREBOOT=No') 

- use RunWait() and FileChangeDir()

- the variable $CmdLine[1] is %1

- the macro @ProgramFilesDir is, well, the Program Files dir

- the character & concatenates strings:

check the help for each function, that would lead you to much more powerful capabilities.

2) generate and launch a batch file: a batch file is a simple text file, with .bat or .cmd extension. AutoIt can write and manipulate text files in any way you want, see function FileWrite() and FileWriteLine(). once that is done, use RunWait() to execute the file, and FileDelete() to delete it. again, look at the help for all these functions, the help should be your starting point to whatever you want to do.

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Thanks orbs for the quick reply. I will try that.



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