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Equivalent of Delphis "bmp.Scanline[x]

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I have a need to convert an old Delphi routine to AutoIT. Purpose is to convert a 1 bit (b/w) BMP image to a special format.

The delphi routine is essentially this:

// Delphi Code
// bmp is an image, in b/w
// f is a file for writing
// this is not complete code, only the core write routine.
    for x:=0 to bmp.Width-1 do


          byt:=x div 8;

          bit:=$80 shr (x mod 8);

          for y:=0 to bmp.Height div 32-1 do



            for c:=0 to 31 do



              if (32*y+c<=bottom-top) and ((data[byt] and bit)=0) then dw:=dw or ($01 shl c);


            Write(f, b[0]);

            Write(f, b[1]);

            Write(f, b[2]);

            Write(f, b[3]);




I have several questions along these lines, both the bitshifting and the or'ing. But the most important one is: what will data contain after being assigned bmp.Scanline[32*y+c]. I can't really make sense of Delphi documentation. Of course I know what the purpose is, but as I am a novice in graphics stuff, I would like some pointers in the right direction.

Happy to answer any question.


I am just a hobby programmer, and nothing great to publish right now.

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