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Reschedule a task on fail?

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     I currently have a script that runs multiple SQL BIDS solutions throughout the day.  The packages are et to run at approximately 1/2 hour intervals, as data sources are updated with data for previous day at different times of the day.

    Unfortunately, there is currently an issue with data delays at one of the data sources, causing a few packages to fail dut to table lockout (restricted user).  We have a simple verification query that scheks last updated date from the source, and we are capturing and sending an email when this occurs.

   Our current woraround is to kill the script and run those packages manually later in the day, but this then has us playing catch up as the entire schedule falls behind even further. 

   It is highly preferable for this data to be loaded at the time we currently have it scheduled, and our hope is the delay is only temporary.  But in the meantime, we are hoping someone knows of a way to loop back and re-attempt an upload for a failed package without going manual the rest of the day.

I hope this all makes sense to someone out there

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1 - You can detect when the problem ocurrs (sending email)

2 - Presumably you can identify what was not processed/sent (run packages manually)

3 - Your workaround is to kill the script (and restart it?)

Seems like the whole thing can be automated, or at least managed better.

Post your script (or a relevent portion of it) for more help.


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