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WinMove to another window's client coords?

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I'm trying to move Window1 to the center of Window2 using Window2's size as a reference, something like:

While WinExists ("Window1")

     WinMove ("Window1", "", $Window2Width / 2, $Window2Height / 2)


I could just move Window1 by using desktop coordinates, but I'm looking for a nicer solution. Any ideas?

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Use WinGetPos() to get the size of Window2.


Oh wait... that would work because it would be grabbing the position using the desktop coords, then would move Window1 to those same desktop coords. So instead of moving Window1's coords using Window2 as a reference, both windows just use the desktop as a reference. Alright, thanks for the help!

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WinGetPos() returns a 4 element array - window position X & Y, window size width & height. See the Help file for details. The WinGetClientSize() function may be useful instead..

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