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I'm having a problem reading the text from a SysListView32 control using the ControlGetText() command. The syntax I'm using is as follows:

$BobsVar = ControlGetText ( "The window title", "", "SysListView32" )


I believe the problem has more to do with the poorly designed window I'm trying to read than with ControlGetText. Or maybe ControlGetText does not yet support this control... In any case, when I run AutoIt Window Spy and position my cursor over the list control, the Last Control Under Mouse is "Class: #327701 (hidden)."

When I use CopyText2.2 (an external app used to read control text), it correctly identifies the SysListView32 control, and reads every item in the list to the clipboard. I'm currently using CopyText2.2 in my scripting just for the purpose of reading this list, but I'd LOVE to be able to use the AutoIt3 ControlGetText command instead.

If ControlGetText is supposed to be able to read a SysListView32 control, any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated!



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