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Simple script sending keys in background...

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Hello everybody,

I am trying to make a script to attempt to log in in a game when the servers are full... Basically, all it needs to do is send Ctrl+L to the game. I was able to do it without any problem, however I am now trying to make it work while allowing me to use my computer.

Here's my code:

Dim $Paused = False
Dim $Active = True
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "togglepause")
HotKeySet("{DELETE}", "QuitApp")

Func QuitApp()
 $Active = False

Func togglepause()
   $Paused = NOT $Paused
   While $Paused
 ControlSend("[CLASS:FFXIVGAME; TITLE:FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn]", "", "", "^l")

While $Active

The code seems to work, however it keeps giving me trouble outside the game... For example, I type an URL and it starts opening in new tab, I scroll down and stuff size down... Kindof like as if I was pressing the Ctrl+L EVERYWHERE.

If someone could help, I would be very grateful !

Thanks !


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Welcome to the Forum.

You obviously missed a very important section of the rules when you started here, I suggest you read them now, especially the section about Game Automation. That is not allowed here in ANY form, and a MOD will shortly lock this topic.

Hope to see you soon, with a legitimate topic.

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Hello, I did miss it as I looked at the pinned topics and saw no forum rules in them, I realize now that it was ABOVE the forum body... For this I must present my apologies.

Edited by Calden

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