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What u discus a programming lang or scripting i must learn ?


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Hi all

the fist and the only thing i ever coded is using Autoit i like it.

it is simple, easy, powerful, learn able without a teacher

now i'm some what good in it, i'm thinking about learning python i heared that it is cross platform (works on all platforms not just windows)

and easy to read and code

i tried learning VB and java but they are so complicated i think i need at teacher so i can learn them

the question is if u was in my place what u will learn ? please direct me to the right way 

another thing is any 1 know what is the Independence that python needs ?

what i know that Autoit is no Independence is python like it ?

thanks in advanced

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I was going to say VB, but you say it is too complicated. I dont prefer Python, but that is personal. Others may have more suggestions.

EDIT: I LOVE your avatar btw!

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Well if you are looking to try something as easy to use as AutoIt but pretty powerful with a lot of extra things to learn I recommend trying Sputnik.


It's very similar to AutoIt but has more advanced constructs such as Classes and flexible C style syntax and what not.

You can read the post I made on this forum.

'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

As for Python I think it's a strong language but I really dislike its Syntax using tabs/spaces I much prefer the C style brace syntax.

One decent benefit of Sputnik is anything you learn with it is immediately useful in PHP/Perl etc (if you ever moved to them later).

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