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Copy file(s) to multiple machines in multiple locations

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This issue has been confuse me for quite a long time.

If you manage 100PCs at 5 different locations and there is a file you need to copy to 10 PCs at that 5 locations,

what is the best way to do it?

I need to find a reliable way because I regulary need it and I need it to spend my time as little as possible

(except the time for make the coding of course).

My current best thinking is:

1. Upload the source file to the cloud

2. Let my compiled script run on scheduler on those 100Pcs, so it can regulary check if there is a new order/new file

to be downloaded, where to put, etc.

My other thinking is using TCPSend() and TCPRecv() but seems this is too advanced for me.

Please suggest :)

Thank you very much :)

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personally I find your way good, because all the computers refer to the same server.

when a certain event is met, computers that need the file will connect to the server or to the cloud if you want to manage more servers and check for the file they missed.

currently i am trying to understand how to send files over TCP which like you said it doesn't seem so easy.

if exist other methods it would be cool because they'd make all more simple.

see ya! :bye:

ehi ehi ehi, what is your name?

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you should consider a more general purpose solution for automation.

your initial idea is good: set up each pc with a scheduled task, or a script that runs at startup, and that script directs to a central server, and performs whatever instructions it finds there.

the instructions may be anything: copy files, launch msi install, perform registry tweaks, report pc status to the central server, self update, whatever. you can make it dependent on host name, IP range, time window, whatever.

the point is, you set up the scheduled task once on each pc, then you need only define the instructions. very cheap on time criteria.

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