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Backup tool for firefox and more

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I've used this for 2-3 years now. Nearly 100 times updated.

My firefox has LOTS and LOTS of bookmarks and plugins. I hate to loose it all so i decided to create a backup/restore automatic application that will not impact my time and comfort while using it.

Too much to explain, just try it and let me know what you think.

2 things to know:

#1 This application is useless if you have 1 hard drive or 1 partition.

I use it on my laptop and desktop computers allover the place.

#2 Therefore Firefox and FireFox Loader should be installed away from C: Drive.

For example: D:Firefox and have the loader be in that same folder, using it to start Firefox


What it does is:

Starts Firefox (DOH :geek: )

Waits for firefox to exit :whistle:

Once firefox is closed, it create backup (1st time might take a couple of second. Next time its less then  a second :D )

Give it a try.FireFox Loader.zip

Source Source.zip

Help files Help files.zip


I had this thing on automatic update, but i removed that function while back, since i dont host any web servers any longer.

Let me know what u think.

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