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Thinking about installer

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Just take note, that if you are looking into my program, it was made some years ago and updated the same.

It was made with a much earlier version of AutoIt, and the last version I gave it some support for, was v3.3.0.0

I've never installed anything made by it on a Win 7 machine, as the only one I use so far is a Netbook.

It was designed and run exclusively on a WinXP machine, though I've extracted the required elements from the zip packages to put in manually created folders on my Win 7 Netbook .... for a handful of my programs.

I have no intention to revisit my Installer Creator program until I finally (one day) start using a later/current version of AutoIt, which is still some time off. Until then, and unless you want to use it in the same limited conditions as I do, it remains as an example of what can be done, and perhaps how to do it.

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