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Starting new project - Is this possible? If, where to begin?

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We have an SVN that I need to protect our code being copied to USB drives. I started the project in C# but ran in to a few

problems along the way, and saw a few people have done this soft of thing in Autoit. I have a little experience in Autoit, and figure why not

give it a try. Some of this I can handle through a shell process in C#. For example emailing the attachment, but if I can get it all

done in one script, then that would be great.

Here's my projects layout:

- exe runs as a service and strictly monitors for USB thumb drives to be detected?

- Once detected, checks against an array of file extensions (.cs,.py,.c,.asm,.lua, etc...) that are begin copied to drive<br>

- logs files copied to thumb drive to a file

- Emails the log as an attachment to me

Is this doable in Autoit, or should I look for another alternatives?

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  1. Exe as a service? -> see FAQ
  2. just loop through your array, use filecopy()
  3. fileopen(), filewriteline(), fileclose(), filecopy()
  4. my personal suggestion: blat.exe, fileinstall(), runwait("blat.exe .....")

regards, Rudi.

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speaking as Advocatus Diaboli here, what stops your determined user from stopping the service? what stops him from connecting to your SVN from a pc that does not have your program installed on?

i do hope you are requested to do that for regulatory purposes only, as practically, it is very hard to enforce, and a determined user will find the way to override it.

i'm asking, because i did encounter the same requirement more than once, so i'm interested in your point of view.

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