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Trouble getting GUI to do what I want

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I am trying to create a GUI that will ask you how many network ports you want to do an IP Config to.  Ultimatly, I need to be able to do up to 10, but only 2 for now until I can get these working.

It's supposed to do this...

A window opens and asks you how many ports to test.  You type the number, and another window opens with buttons (same number of buttons as ports you specified).

You click on a button matching the port number you want to test, which then goes out, does an IP Config, displays the info in a pop up for 3 seconds and disappears.  Then, if the IP Config is legitimate, the button turns green.  If it fails, then it turns red.  Then you go on to the next button, until you reach the end.

I am having difficulty with the script closing down, the buttons working properly, and probably other stuff that i haven't seen yet. 

I have incorporated bits and pieces from various other scripts I have found in the Forums.  For that, I thank you all for posting your stuff.

Any assistance you be greatly appreciated.

Thank youIPDouble.au3

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I don't see any $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE msg event, which seems weird.

Furthermore, in your _Button_color color function you are using the GUIGetMsg function outside a loop to "read" something I don't get (actually it does NOT read the controls of a GUI).

Please read carefuly the helpfile for the GUIGetMsg function and come back if you have any questions.

Br, FireFox.

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I'm sorry for not getting back to you.  I have been moved to another project.  I imagine I'll be getting back to it evetually.

Thank you for your help.

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