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_ArrayShuffle UDF

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Try it out.

; Function Name:    _ArrayShuffle()
; Description:    Shuffles the elements in an array.
; Parameter(s):  $av_array - The array to shuffle. 
;                $i_base  - The first element of the array.
;                  ...
; Requirement(s):   None.
; Return Value(s):  none.
; Author(s):        Quick_sliver007.
; Note(s):        None.
Func _ArrayShuffle(ByRef $av_array, $i_base = 0)
    Local $max_index = UBound($av_array) -1
    Local $rand
    Local $temp
    Local $x
    For $x = $i_base To $max_index
        $rand = Random($i_base,$max_index)
        $temp = $av_array[$x]
        $av_array[$x] = $av_array[$rand]
        $av_array[$rand] = $temp
Dim $array[10]
For $i = 0 to 9
    $array[$i] =$i
_ArrayDisplay($array,"Before shuffle")
_ArrayDisplay($array,"After shuffle")

I hope you like it.


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interesting use of arrays

- Matt :whistle:

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I use the RAND func and _ArrayDelete as I go along so I don't repeat.

For $i = $iArrayTotal To 1 Step - 1
    $iRand = Random(1, $i, 1)

    // do stuff here to array element

    _ArrayDelete($aSource, $iRand)

Not sure which would be more efficient (most likely yours is) ;) but then again I wrote mine like 6 months ago.

I like your implementation better tho...

Edited by sshrum

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