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First, SR about my english, its very bad, so i hope you can understand me :(
I making a script that translate enlish to vietnamese(unicode)
Its OK if all string is not unicode, if have any unicode string its return anything i can decode :(
I tried ANSI to UTF but not success
here is my example:

$data = _INetGetSource("http://translate.google.com.vn/translate_a/t?client=webapp&sl=auto&tl=vi&hl=vi&sc=1&q=Yến%20Panda")

so it return "Ya º ¿ n Panda" 

the right must be "Yến Panda"

i save that link and open with notepad++ its OK

but use script, its so bad :(

Plz help me 


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simply that can you decode it to unicode?

TÃ'i là Tà ¹ ng , TÃ'i Ä'à º ¿ n tá » « qua » ‡ t Nam


Tôi là Tùng, tôi đến từ Việt Nam


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