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I need help with a button.....

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Here is the script
#include <GUIconstants.au3>
$fraps = GUICreate("Open",298,152,516,409)
$button = GUICtrlCreateButton("open",72,16,153,49)
While 1
$nmsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nmsg
Case $gui_event_close
Case $button
Run ("C:UsersMyNameDesktoptest.txt")
I dont know why this script don't open the text.txt when I press the "open" button
If someone could help me will be great
Thx in advance

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Replace Run with ShellExecute

Run is for an actual program while with ShellExecute you can open websites, text files etc.

Also on a side note, you have set specific coordinates for your GUI to display at. If instead you set the last two parameters to -1 the GUI will always show on the screen in the centre of the screen no matter the resolution.

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