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Hi guy's :whistle:

I'm still working at a little script ^^

And now there is a new problem with ProcessClose()

$list = ProcessList($realapp)
MsgBox(0, "blub", "Getting list: "&$realapp)
for $i = 1 to $list[0][0]
MsgBox(0, "blub", "Close "&$list[$i][1]& " > " & ProcessClose($list[$i][1]))
The Massageboxes are there for debug it ..

The first returns "Getting list: blah.exe"

The second returns "Close [any pid] > 1"

But the process is still running.

There is no other way to close it.. no wintitle if you think like this now :dance:

Thank you for reading and help.

Greetings Nemcija.


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