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Getting a list content from a another app ?

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hi all

a i have a Local LAN network monitor i found it on the internet it is like netsuport i think it is made by Delphi 

it is for the boss to watch what employees are doing during work time

anyway the connected pcs are listed like this



so what i want tot make is Autoit giving me a msg box wen user 3 is online

they are listed in  a column , they are not text

i tried to use 




but no success

i used Autoit windows info but it cant see anything in the visible text or hidden text field


my question is if  Autoit windows info cant detect the users is there is any other way ?

tnx in advanced

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Is this program free to use or try? If so, what's the link to it?

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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