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extracting link from href tag

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I am making a script that automates a backup process. I have all of the code working to login and create the backups. Once they are done I navigate to another page and within the HTML is the following.

<a class="download rep_sprite_backup" href="http://XXXXXX.com/wp-content/infinitewp/backups/XXXXXX.com_manual_full_2013-09-10_0e53f188c3e8fef2eb38c79c735526bd.zip" aria-describedby="ui-tooltip-16"></a>
How can I extract the link within the href tag? I want to use it with InetGet() to download the files to a specific location.
Note: as is shown there is no ID tag for the link
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- Get all elements with tagname "a"
- For each element in those elements
- If element.classname equals to "download rep_sprite_backup"
- then that element.href is the data you need, and you can exit the "for each" loop.

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