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Lync Class Instances issue

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As you may or may not know, the latest version of Lync allows you to use tabbed conversations. That can make it painful to get the conversations' "Window Title" properties.

So I'm using the class: 

$titlesTabbed[$i] = WinGetTitle("[Class:LyncConversationWindowClass; INSTANCE:" & $i + 1 & "]" )

that's working great, I get this info from the 3 chats I have open

Instance 1 -> Matt Doe

Instance 2 -> Jane Doe

Instance 3 -> John Doe

But if I close John's tab and open a new tab for say, Jimmy Doe (this is, a new chat window tab), I get something strange...

Instance 1-> Jimmy Doe

Instance 2-> Jane Doe

Instance 3-> Jimmy Doe

Matt's tab is there, I see it BUT, it will show in the instances list (I made a simple GUI with a label that updates every 1/2 second) only if I click on it

Meanwhile, Jimmy will appear twice.

I manually went for Instance 4 and Instance 0, but no.

Can someone point me in the right direction please...? I can't get balder, so I think I'll go Shining-like.

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