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How To Create a bot from scratch?

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Hello everyone, I would like to create my own bot for Tera and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction like what programming language would be best for me to use and the steps I'll need to take in order for me to actually make it work.any links that can provide me with more info?,I tryied google and there was a sea of confusion lol. My goal is to get it to make it look and work as good as many of the bots in these forums and have it released to the public one day. If any bot creator able to send me a message on the steps I'll need to take would be wonderful.IM sure this will take me a long time to learn but the passion on this subject is strong just as it is my hobby to bot on these gamessmile.gif.thank you for your time
I have Bought Bots in the past for games such as Aion,Conquer online,Cabal,Wow.and i was inspired to one day make a wonderful peace of work on my own. id like to make one with a clean code and a nice GUI with many options such as ressurect when you die,auto pot for low hp,Back to town when your bags are full and sell Loot to a vendor/NPC and have it keep certain items you may want. is there any way of me doing this?
i dont think this will happen over night that would be just insane but many months from now id like to see my own hard work doing its job that would give such a good feeling inside.

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