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Auto Login to Win2003 to execute an AutoIT Script

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I'm new to AutoIT. I have created a script that opens a program that performs some functions in the program, savesthem to a file and exit the program. So far so good. When I run the script, this also functions flawlessly. If I want to run it via Task Scheduler but log before the script does not work. FYI. We have several 2003 and 2008 R2 Server. I have tested it on both.

Now my question: Did any of you ever had a similar problem, if so, how he solved it. An idea of mine is to automatically log in a user, run the script and then logout the user again. Would have to go there, but I do not know how, and hope that this advice and possibly help.

Regards Jochen

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Hi, jochenino. First off, regarding "automatically log in a user, run the script and then logout the user", I would suggest looking over the forum rules. Any discussion of bypassing security measures breaks those rules.

To your broader question of how to accomplish this under specified credentials, I would suggest looking into PSExec. You can execute the compiled script remotely, and pass credentials under which you run the executable. This can then be kicked off from any machine on which you have PSExec. If this doesn't fully answer your question, or you're running into other issues, please post your script so we can assist further.

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Hi JLogan3o13,

i think PSexec won´t work because the AutoIT Script i am using opens a Program with a GUI and performs the steps. There is no way to do it with cmd commands.


i had an old Version o PSexec. Eith the new one i can set the -i switch for opening GUIs but iam still having issues.

 the command is use is: psexec -i -u DOMAINUSER -p PASSWORD SERVER test.au3

i always recieve the error Message:

PsExec could not start test.au3 on SERVERNAME

The system cannot find the file specified.

I also tested it with the whole path C:Temptest.au3

Any adivces ?

Regards, Jochen

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